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Interview With Donna Terody

An Angel, Donna Terody Do angels really exist? There have been countless tales of their interactions with mankind for centuries. Recently, Donna Terody gained national recognition by appearing on the cover of People magazine. The feature described her encounters with the angelic realm and how it has changed her life. Since her near death encounter in 1992, Donna Terody has remained in constant touch with angels. Their guidance inspired Donna to create her own company called Angel Visions which is currently developing an animated television show for children. Scott Catamas, Executive Producer of New Earth News interviewed Donna Terody about her upcoming projects and inspirational views on life. Her touching tale provides a very intimate look at a courageous woman who has survived a number of personal tragedies to become an angelic ray of hope for humanity.

Scott: Tell us about Angel visions?

Donna: Well, Angel Visions was an idea I had several years ago to bring spirituality to children through a line of products and merchandising. There are a number of things planned such as stories, audio tapes, video tapes, a movie and films.

Scott: Please explain to our readers how you came up with the idea for the rainbow angel and what it is all about?

Donna: The rainbow angel is a concept that came to me after my near-death experience in 1992. Doctors pronounced me "clinically dead" from kidney failure but actually I had gone up into the celestial realm and connected with the angels. After returning to this dimension, I felt it was time to make some big changes in my life so I started to pray about what I was here to do. A man who was connected to Make A Wish Foundation told me about all these children who were in a lot of need. I thought this is where I should utilize my energy and felt inspired to start writing children stories, even though I'd never written before.

Rainbow Angel, Image by Allan Lundell & Sun McNamee Meanwhile, I went on with my painting career. One day, I was commissioned to do an angel for a little girl who was about 4 years old. While I was painting, she came over to me and said, "I have something so important to tell you -- you better sit down for this. The angels want me to tell you they can be any color at all. Just remember that." She described to me an angel with rainbow colored wings. So this particular little character appeared in front of me one day and he had these big, heart-shaped wings. So, I combined the ideas -- my story, the vision, with what the child had told me and formulated the rainbow angel -- which is in development for a children's animation series.

Scott: What is the show about?

Donna: Well, the rainbow angel is on his first earth assignment. So he is very childlike and he is learning about the earth plane along with the children. So each episode deals with a different child's personal dilemma. In order to solve their problems, he takes them through his imaginary world to teach them different lessons. I think a lot of children don't have a support system now -- both parents work, some children are in abusive home situations, so this character can actually become an imaginary friend. Even though its only a television show, they can feel like he's always there for them.

Scott: What would you say to someone who feels like they have been victimized in their life, or they haven't had divine protection?

Angel and her Baby, by Donna Tarody Donna: Actually, I have had a very tragic life. My son just died June 1st while I was giving birth to him. Now how do you think I feel? I have these angels, but God took my son. We all have things that happen to us, but it's not about constantly staying in that victim mode. It's about what are you going to do to make a change to make the world better? I think if you focus on that -- you don't have to focus on yourself. I still had to move forward because I have work to do. We all have work and each person helps in their own individual way, no matter how small it is. When I go to the grocery store, I bless the guy behind the counter because I think, thank God he is there so I can buy my groceries.

Donna Tarody on People Magazine Cover Everyone is blessed in what they're doing. No one is better than another person. Just because I was on the cover of People magazine doesn't mean anything. Everyone has their own mission and their life is important -- no matter what they do. I think when people look at things from that perspective they can get out of a of victim mentality.

Scott: Have you through your angelic contact had visions of the future and if so, what are they?

Donna: The biggest thing I can tell people is to have more faith in your spirituality and in God because that transcends whatever will happen on this planet - good or bad. You know, the Earth has it's own living cycles and we can't totally be in control of God's will. The best advice I can give to people is to connect to spirit, whatever that means to that individual, so your faith can sustain you -- even if something negative happens.

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