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Donna Terody:
Looking For an Angel For Angel Visions
a feature story by ZANN

Donna Terody, inspired by a Goya painting at five, has since become a visionary artist. As a child, she took refuge from her parents' abuse by immersing herself in her art ,which has continued to carry her through her many challenges.

A successful entrepreneur at eighteen, she ran her own woman's apparel company in New York City, leaving it six years later for a career in painting. At the first showing in her own gallery on Madison Ave, she sold her first painting for a whopping $10,000.

The inspiration for her current work came from a near death experience

Having painted Angels since then, she's most recently been guided by the Angels to write a book about her life and bring to fruition, her life's dream to help children. In this interview, she will share with us how she, with the assistance of the Angels, is making this dream come true. Donna is looking for an Angel to assist her in funding this project. You can reach her by calling 310- 288-3514 or E-Mail her at rama @

ZANN: Donna, what in fact is Angel Visions?

Donna: Angel Visions is set up as a development and marketing company which will market a line of dolls, books, audiotapes, CD ROM's, Software titles and also entertainment properties based on the characters that I've created.

And what are those characters?

The initial character will be the Rainbow Angel which is a character that came to me about three years ago in one of the visions I've had since my near death experience.

ZANN: What inspired you to create Angel Visions and the products?

Ever since my abusive childhood, I've wanted to assist children in need

Donna: A year before that, I visited a friend at the Make A Wish Foundation. After hearing so many heart breaking stories of these children, I was very motivated to do something. Ever since my abusive childhood, I've wanted to assist children in need. I started praying, asking if there was something that I could do. Within minutes, I was guided to start writing a series of children's stories. At the time I wasn't quite aware of what I would do with these stories, so I put them aside. A year later, when I had the vision of that Rainbow Angel, I knew that it belonged with the stories, so I combined the two.

A business friend in New York, connected me with Warner Distribution. After looking at some of my products, they said that if I could get the backing, they would be interested in utilizing these characters on a line of various products. That's when I knew that it was a very marketable concept. However, I felt the timing then wasn't quite right. Now there is so much publicity about Angels; Angel stores opening up all over the country; Angel magazines; television specials and even a series characterizing Angels; and the cover of Time Magazine boldly stated that sixty-nine per cent of the population believes in Angels. I feel this momentum will quickly bring these products to mainstream America.

How do you see this group of products helping the children?

All the products...are there to support the children, guiding and teaching them different ways to handle their daily problems.

DONNA: All the products, as well as the television series I have written for of the Rainbow Angel, are there to support the children, guiding and teaching them different ways to handle their daily problems. We feel our target market, newborns to seven year olds, is an important one as those are the formative years.

ZANN: I understand that your Angels have been guiding you in the creation of this project and others since your near death experience.

Right after my near death experience, a started hearing a humming sound in my ears, like a high pitched buzzing noise. Initially I thought something was wrong with my ears, so I went to a specialist who couldn't find anything wrong. After hearing this for two years, I realized that the humming was an indication that the angels were around and that it was a way for them to communicate with me. At certain times I would hear it only in my left ear, which I now know means that somebody is lying to me or I shouldn't do something. When I hear it in both ears it means a positive affirmation. It's like a yes and no communication.

This started right after you saw the Angels in your near death experience?

DONNA: Yes, very shortly after. They also communicate very easily with me in my dream state. Before I go to sleep, if I have a problem or question, I'll just say it out loud and ask to be shown the answers during the night. Usually they'll present a scenario, like a movie screen in my mind of places to go, people to see, and whether or not to do business with certain people.

I understand that when you listen to what those dreams tell you, you have been very successful in accomplishing what it is that you've prayed for.

DONNA: Yes, at one point, A number of years ago, I walked out of my marriage with pretty much just the clothes on my back. My stay with an acquaintance was coming to an end and I was about to be homeless. I really needed to sell a painting. Before I went to sleep that night, I prayed for the Angels to tell me where to go to accomplish this. I was told very clearly to go to the film festival at the Loews Hotel. I went there at about 11:00 in the morning and sat in the lobby waiting to meet someone, not knowing quite what to expect. I sat there, hour after hour after hour, thinking I must be insane to be sitting in a hotel lobby just waiting. Since I barely had five dollars to my name, I waited, hoping and praying something would happen. At eight o'clock that night, just as I was thinking about leaving, I noticed a woman who was obviously walking towards me. As she approached, she said, 'You have a lot of white light around you.' and introduced herself as Brenda Michaels. In our conversation, I shared that I was an Angel painter, to which she responded with delight that someone had just given her an Angel statue which inspired her to collect angels. Several days later, after viewing my paintings, she purchased one. Not only that, she introduced me to a man who soon after became my manager.

And that kind of thing has happened many times hasn't it?

DONNA: I have numerous stories, all of which are in the book that I am in the process of having published. The problem that people have when they get messages that they recognize as such, is the time factor. In the spiritual realm, there is no sense of what you call time. Past, present and future all exist simultaneously. When the Angels or God or our Spiritual Guides give us a message, to them it's immediate. Patience is obviously the key. I also think they test your faith, your belief. Nine hours was a long time to wait, but I had faith that it would pay off and it did.

ZANN: And isn't this part of the message you want the children to get, to give them faith and hope?

DONNA: Yes, that's what the characters are all about, giving children faith, hope, inspiration and guidance in these difficult times that we live in.

In appreciation for allowing me to share my story with your audience, I would also like to share with them a few pointers on how to communicate with the Angels:

To begin with, since you're body is made up of energy, the lighter your energy, the easier it is to be in contact with those higher, lighter realms. Diet is very important. If you go on a strict vegetarian diet, it will assist in keeping your energy lighter.

It is also important not to listen to the radio or watch television at all for the entire day before you do this. The images from the television interfere with the process.

It's best to do a little meditation to clear your mind in preparation for the process. A good technique for stilling the mind is to imagine all your distractions appearing on a blackboard and as they appear, just keep erasing them.

Once the board is clear, you project onto it what you want the Angels to help you to accomplish. Then ask for Divine Guidance for the information. When you ask, you need to be very focused on what you're asking for. Try not to think about anything else, because if you allow yourself to get distracted, it will interfere with your dream state.

Remembering your dreams may also take a little practice. As soon as you wake up, before you even move, open your eyes and recapture what you were dreaming. Go over it in your mind and write it down immediately.

Donna is looking for an Angel to assist her in funding this project.
You can reach her by calling (310)288-3514 or E-Mail her at:


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