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Observer Weekly September 10, 2001


Life altering perspectives by Audrey HopeHOW TO PURCHASE AN ANGEL IN SANTA MONICA
"Suddenly there was a brilliant white light," visionary artist Donna Sheratan exclaims, " I was drawn to it. Entering the light, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of deep peace. Several angels emerged from the light. They had no distinct features, just silhouettes of glowing white light. Gracefully, these ethereal angles floated towards me surrounding me with their healing light. It was then that I realized that I too, was glowing with this radiant light. All memories of my life were gone. I didn’t even know my name. Suspended in this realm, the angels began communicating directly to my spirit. Then I heard a voice, telling me I had to go back, I had a mission to complete. I had been given a second chance at life."

This was the summer of ’92. Donna Sheratan and her husband were sailing on their yacht from Palm Beach, Florida to the Bahamas. Donna suffered with kidney problems since the age of 4 and now at age 30, she was bedridden. She decided that a few months of living on a boat was better than dying in a hospital. She put her life in God’s hands. Then there was the storm!

Donna goes on to tell about her near death experience. "The waves were crashing over the bow, and the boat was violently pounding up and down. The storm felt like it would never end. The pounding had taken a toll on my kidneys; it was like someone was sticking a knife through them. Every muscle ached, even my bones hurt. I couldn’t take it anymore. Asking God to release me from my pain, I felt my self-slipping away. My spirit was pulled from my body. I was being sucked up like a speck of dust."

After the angels healed Donna, she had the courage to leave her husband and her two million-dollar townhouse and head for Los Angeles with her suitcase and her dream. As a little girl, she had an inner light that had manifested through her hands as a gift for painting. She discovered her talent after an experience that had left a deep impression on her soul. When her grandmother took her to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Goya painting of a little boy in a red suit, the "Don Maneul", transfixed her. Donna says, "I stood unable to move, as if the painting spoke to me, and I knew I would become an artist."

After ’92, and the boat and the white light, her next painting was an angel, and then another one and another one. Her amazing work has found its way into the homes of celebrities, humanitarians, and spiritual leaders. Their market value range from 10,000 to 25,000 dollars and they are sold all over the world. Donna even graced her story in the major media with Larry King, CNN and the cover of PEOPLE MAGZINE. Because when you see her work, you are healed!

When she paints the angels she feels their energy flow through her. Her work is really an extension of her life experience. She dreams or has a vision of the angelic realm and then transfers a feeling of peace to the viewer. Each painting is unique and had its own purpose. It is a process that usually takes 60-90 days. To prepare and infuse the highest vibration, she prays and meditates and maintains a strict diet.

Her art enables others to have their own angel encounter. This aligns with her mission to help others follow their dreams and their life purpose. Once for example, George Hyatt, a straight-laced newsman from Washington, interviewed Donna. He was the perfect skeptic, a man with a reputation for detail and hard facts. In the middle of the interview, the blood drained from his face.
Angels had appeared in the room. "It was the most intense white light I had ever seen, and I felt the most incredible peace." he states. Now he describes Donna Sheratan, "as one of the sanest people I know."

And then there are the miracles that are documented. One in 1995 Donna was strolling on Venice Beach with her friend Rama. Suddenly Rama was hit by a stray bullet to the upper back. He was bleeding to death. Donna put one hand on his heart and one on his wound with 100 percent faith. When she took her hand off, the bleeding was stopped. Rama fully recovered and left the hospital the next day. At UCLA Hospital, they call Rama the "miracle boy."

Donna’s life is a testimony of faith. She has met all the challenges. There was the kidney problems, having to leave her husband because of her desire to paint, and the death of her son Avery, who died while she was giving birth. She told me that it was the angels that gave her the strength to move forward. The desperate fight for survival took her inside her self, where she discovered a well of creativity. Her words-"Through all the darkness, there had been a consistent reminder of light always shinning, always guiding me. I am grateful for the conflict because I believe the suffering had forced me to come closer to that divine light, which shines in each of us."

It might be hard to believe in angels. There is no evidence that would hold up in a court of law-Angels don’t leave foot prints. But for those touched by an angel, their experience brings their own ring of truth. This is proven by the way people’s lives are transformed, in the peace they find by the experience. In our sane scientific world, 75 percent of Americans believe in angels and almost 35 percent claim to have had a personal encounter with them. Of the 20 million who had a brush with death 8 million said they were met by angels.

Angels hover all around us. They had existed in every religion, in every culture, in every civilization since the beginning of time. Though scientists try to explain them, and theologian’s debate them, and artist and poets try to capture them, angels remain. Their significance is not in who or what they are, but in what they do. By putting our attention on them, we are led into the extraordinary, into a landscape of miracle-minded thinking-that can expand our consciousness, open our hearts and turn humanness into divinity.

Donna currently lives in NY, and paints in a church, but now she feels it is time to come back west, if the opportunity presents itself. Experience Donna’s paintings. To have them on your wall , is look at God’s grace. Donna’s are for sale. A small price to pay for a touch of heaven. Contact Donna Sheratan at 310 288-3514.

Audrey Hope is the producer, creator and host of "REEL WOMEN", an award-winning cable TV show dedicated to life-altering perspectives. Contact with stories of hope in our city.

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