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Wednesday, November 24,1999/ LAS VEGAS TRIBUNE

Light of Angels: How Donna's Life changed the day she died
by Marlene Prendeville

Visible Angels of California and Nevada recently invited several talented and interesting celebrity artists to display their work at The Three of Hearts Extravaganza, at Steve Wynnís Monet Room at the Bellagio Hotel. At this event my husband John Prendeville and I had the great privilege of meeting artist, Donna Terody Sheratan, dressed in white, radiant, with long flowing blonde hair. She looked like an Angel. She tells how she was adrift in a storm one night, ready to die but she was saved by divine visitor, an Angel. "There was a brilliant white light. Entering it, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Several angels emerged and floated toward me, filling me with their healing light." Donna says she immediately felt tremendously happy and peaceful, in a world filled with goodness and joy.

Donna was severely abused by her own father, from the age of four to 17. "The desperate fight for survival took me inside myself where I discovered a well of creativity. Since the age of four an inner light had manifested though my hands as a gift for painting." At that young age, Donna had an experience which left a deep impression on her Soul. "My grandmother had taken me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While we were walking around, I suddenly became transfixed by a Goya painting of a little boy in a red suit, Don Maneul. "It was as if the painting spoke to me and I knew then I would become an artist."

At age 17, she ran away from her fatherís home in New York, but somehow she managed to survive. She completed School and set up her own Art Gallery in New York. She married a millionaire. Her son Avery died while she was giving birth to him. Sadly her husband did not understand her visions with the Angels. Her marriage was on the rocks. She gives a vivid description of how her life changed the day she died. She had just left New York, a wreck from her chronic kidney problems to live on her motor yacht SeaBird. Traveling from Palm Beach to the Bahamas she was caught in a storm. "It's still vivid in my mind. Huge waves crashing over the bow, the boat violently pounding up and down, the life raft suddenly ripped from the boat. The storm felt like it would never end." After what seemed like days, she was saved when the storm pushed the boat back towards the shore. "The pounding in the storm had taken its toll on my kidneys. It was like someone was sticking a knife through them. Every muscle ached, even my bones hurt. The pain was so excruciating, even the pillow hurt my head. I had suffered with this pain since I was four years old. I just couldnít take it anymore." Her kidneys were failing and she had no more strength to fight. Praying, she asked God to release her from her pain. "I felt myself slipping away. My spirit being pulled from my body. I was being sucked up like a speck of dust. I kept thinking Iím going so far away, I wouldnít know how to get back."

People who have had a near-death experience have often expressed their vision of the white light. Here is Donna's version. "Suddenly there was a brilliant white light. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Several Angels emerged from the light. They had no distinct feature, just silhouettes of glowing white light. Beams of light were emanating from them in all directions. Gracefully, these ethereal Angels floated towards me, surrounding and filling me with their healing light. It was then I realized that I too, was glowing with this radiant light. All memories of my life were gone. I didnít even know my name. Suspended in this realm of light, the Angels began communicating directly to my spirit. Then I heard a voice, telling me I had to go back. I had a mission to complete. I had been given a second chance at life."

Donna left her husband and their two million dollar townhouse and headed for Los Angeles with just a suitcase and her talent to pursue her dream. "The Angels gave me the strength to move forward." When she arrived in Los Angeles, she began her new work, painting Angels. She is a visionary artist, her technique is self-taught and combines the elements of reality and spiritually. "When I paint the Angels, I feel their energy flowing through me. It has been my experience that they are no ordinary paintings-each one has a purpose for coming through."

Years later, she went to her fatherís bedside to sit with him before he died. He was suffering from kidney failure, afflicted, by this time he lost his sight and became blind. He cried as he held her hand and asked her forgiveness for the pain and abuse he had put her through during her innocent childhood. He said that all his life he was a sick, confused man unable to understand his own behavior, and perhaps too proud to ask for help. Sitting near his bedside was his daughter, Donna the Angel , she forgave him. "In fact, I am grateful for the conflict because I believe the suffering had forced me to come closer to that Divine Light which shines in every one of us."

Donnaís 1997 paintings are inspired by her son Avery, who died June 1, while she was giving birth to him. "Throughout all of the darkness, there had been a consistent reminder of the light always , there, always shining, always guiding me- it is an experience which is very real and yet cannot be described with words." She now lives in Santa Monica where she creates ethereal pastel images, works that now fetch from $10,000 upwards.

She has been featured in the Washington Times, Larry King, CNN International, FOX News-Good Day LA, Extra, Family Channel, Joan Rivers, The Roseanne Show, and People Magazine. She is the author of "Wings of Success", a video available in December, and soon to be followed by a book.

Today, Donna's work is an extension of her life experiences. She says she was born highly spiritual person. She draws on the Angelic realms to transfer a feeling of peace and tranquillity to the viewer. "It is my purpose to touch those who experience my angel paintings-to help them follow their dreams and their visions."

Each painting is created over a 60-90 day period. To infuse her work with the highest vibration, Donna meditates daily, she maintains a strict diet and dies not take phone calls or interact with any one prior to painting. The proceeds from her paintings go to supporting her projects. She is committed to inspiring children through a series of characters developed for television, along with a line of Angel dolls.

In December 1999 she will release her video "Wings of Success" which reveals her eight years of communication with the Angels. The video teaches people how to get in touch with the power of Angels, to tap into the spiritual side of life. "I believe everyone had a group of angels around them, there to assist them and I think everybody experiences their Guardian Angel warning you, protecting you. "Evil people, she says exist because there is duality on this planet.

Donna's paintings have been collected internationally by Liza Minnelli, Terry Cole-Whittaker, Mildred Mottahedah, Maragaret Bass and Carlos Santana. Donna Terody Sheratan currently lives in Santa Monica California. Donnaís paintings: Touched by an Angel Hope, original acrylic on canvas, $20,000. Reflections 78"x 52" $30,000. Peace 36"x48" $20,000. Soulmates 36"x 48" $25,000. Serenity 30"x48", Surrender 30x 48. Many viewers say they too see Angels when they look at Donna's paintings and many describe a transcendental experience.

Last October, Donna generously donated one of her paintings to the Visible Angels Foundation. For Donnaís video and visionary art: Tel ( 310) 288-3514. Email: Donna @ Marlene Prendeville is involved in work with and fund raising for many Charities in Las Vegas, she may be contacted at Tel (702) 369 4138 Fax (702) 369 4238. Email: marlene @

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