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Ageless Artistry

Meditative Paintings, the secret of a youthful mind an body incorporates a philosophy of Wellness. Celebrities an Luxury Hotels Spas have one an so can you. Your painting will create an inspiring space to relax an regenerate. Change the energy of your home, let your painting do the work for you.

Meditative Paintings, are based upon High Vibrational Art, an are created through a repetitious rhythm by the layering of frequency which are combined into the element of the piece.

These vibrations flow through my hands as they mix color and hold the brush to the canvas.
Donna Meditative Painting
Donna can be commissioned to paint your personal Meditative Painting.

She prepares for each painting by meditation, and then sees your personal piece in a vision.

In a private consultation she discusses your personal needs and style of your home.

Sheratan's work has been collected internationally by Celebrities, Corporations an Luxury Hotel, Spas.

Commissions range from 20,000 to 100,00. The process takes 6- 8 months and requires a 50% deposit.

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