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Light of Angels -- My Life changed the day I died.

I left New York, a failing marriage, a wreck from my chronic kidney problems to live out my last wish of living on a motor yacht. Traveling from Palm Beach to the Bahamas I was caught in a storm.

It’s still vivid in my mind. Huge waves crashing over the bow, the boat violently pounding up and down, the life raft suddenly ripped from the boat. The storm, felt like it would never end. Somehow after what seemed like days, the storm pushed the boat back towards the shore.

The pounding in the storm had taken its toll on my kidneys. It was like someone was sticking a knife through them. Every muscle ached, even my bones hurt. The pain was so excruciating, even the pillow hurt my head. I had suffered with this pain since I was four years old, I just couldn’t take it anymore. My kidneys were failing and I had no more strength left to fight. Asking God to release me from my pain, I felt my self slipping away. My spirit being pulled from my body. I was being sucked up like a speck of dust. I kept thinking I’m going so far away, I wouldn’t know how to get back.

Suddenly there was a brilliant white light. I was drawn to it. Entering the light, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Several Angels emerged from the light. They had no distinct features, just silhouettes of glowing white light. Beams of light were emanating from them in all directions. Gracefully, these ethereal Angels floated towards me, surrounding and filling me with their healing light. It was then I realized that I too, was glowing with this radiant light. All the memories of my life were gone. I didn’t even know my name. Nor did I know I had a life on earth. Suspended in this realm of light, the Angels began communicating directly to my spirit.

Then I heard a voice, telling me I had to go back, I had a mission to complete. Suddenly, I was being pulled from the light, I could see the boat. As I descended into the cabin, I realized I was hovering above my dead body, my lips were blue and my skin was chalk white. The weird thing was I had no attachment to it, nor any desire to return to it. I wanted to go back to the light. I had been given a second chance at life. I left my husband and our two million dollar townhouse, and headed for Los Angles with just a suitcase and my talent to pursue my dream. Many challenges faced me, but the Angels gave me the strength to move forward, helping me to realize my dream and life purpose to help the children. Because of my own miserable childhood which led me to my first homeless experience when I was forced to run from an environment which became life threatening in my teens. The desperate fight for survival took me inside myself where I discovered a well of creativity. Since the age of four an inner light has manifested through these hands as a gift for painting. At that tender age I had an experience which left a deep impression on my soul. My grandmother had taken me to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. While we were walking around I suddenly became transfixed by the Goya painting of a little boy in a red suit, "Don Manuel." I stood unable to move, it was as if the painting spoke to me, and I knew I would become an artist.

My 1997 paintings are inspired by my son Avery, who died June 1st, while I was giving birth to him. Throughout all of the darkness, there has been a consistent reminder of the light- always there, always shining, always guiding me- it is an experience which is very real and yet cannot be described with words. In fact I am grateful for the conflict because I believe the suffering has forced me to come closer to that divine light which shines in every one of us.




In 2000, Donna finds sancutuary painting in a Roman Catholic church. These large fresco paintings are a process that takes 6-12 months. To prepare she prays and meditates to recieve her angelic visions.

Donna moved to Europe in 2002 to study the painting techniques of the Renaissance Masters. In Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Venice she soaked up the art an culture. In 2004, The Almafi Coast, Positano was a life changing experience, Sheratan's was seduced by the place. I have finally begun to understand how beautiful it is to live in a place where everything is so slow. Currently she divides her time between Monaco, South of France and the Italian Rivera. Sipping her cappuccino on the terrace cafe in Italy, she created The Art of Frequency, Meditative Paintings for Wellness.

Native New Yorker, Donna Sheratan is a world-renowned visionary artist..
Her paintings have been exhibited an collected internationally by, Liza Minnelli, Rev.Terry Cole-Whittaker, Mildred Mottahedeh, Margaret Bass, Carlos Santana, Holy Name Roman Catholic Church New York, Saint- Charles Monaco, The Hotel De Russie Rome, and The Pennisula Hotel Spa, New York. Ms. Sheratan's is featured in the Washington Times, Larry King, CNN International, FOX News-Good Day LA. Extra Channel, Joan Rivers, The Roseanne Show, and TNN, Life and Times of Angels, The American | In Italia, USATODAY, as well as the cover of People.