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Ageless Artistry

There is an Art to aging gracefully, discover the Secret of a youthful mind an body. Celebrities an Luxury Hotel, Spas have. Meditative Paintings, incorporates a philosophy of a Wellness, through a natural anti-aging practice for ten mindful minutes a day sitting in front of your Art.
Your panting will create an inspiring space to relax an regenerate. Escape, daily worries, lack of sleep, misuse of time, these factors take their toll. Within us is the power of self-repair. Focusing on your painting will raise your energy frequency of the body an bring its energies back into balance.
Change the energy of your home, let your painting do the work for you.

Meditative Paintings, are based upon High Vibrational Art, an are created through a repetitious rhythm by the layering of frequency which are combined into the element of the piece. These vibrations flow through my hands as they mix color and hold the brush to the canvas. By shifting the frequency of the body we can turn back the hands of time.

Pausing for a moment may seem like a luxury, in our fast paced lives. Sheratan's own jet set life shifted, after an NDE (near death experience). Her personal quest became to create perfect work-life balance. By making time to slow down and focus on our breath can really transform the way we feel.

Take a break from the stress and responsibilities of the day, pause the aging process, suspend time by creating a ten minute bubble in which you do not age. Studies show you can look 12 years younger than your chronological age, with Meditation. Melatonin levels increase, look like you had a restful nights sleep. Just sit down in front of your Meditative Painting, its as simple as closing your eyes to concentrate on breathing in an out, letting your thoughts come and go without engaging them. Look better, feel better, become more efficient and focused with daily practice.

Meditative Paintings, brings one to the present moment, makes them calm, less stressed, an feeling rejuvenated. Look fresher, like a vacation glow. This radiance can be achieved closer to home, let the Art be a vehicle for Wellness.