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Everyone has Angels watching over them, whether you chose to communicate with them or not. Being open to the possibility of their existence is the beginning, the key to the door to your spiritual awareness and growth. If some one told me that I would be talking to Angel’s ten years ago, I would have said they were crazy. Today, I am a different person, convinced and realized. The old me died in 1992, on that motor Yacht Sea Bird when I had a rebirthing. The path I walk on now is quite different then before. Although it has not been a easy path to walk upon, many times my faith was tested and many times I’ve fallen down. But with the assistance of the Angels I have managed to pick myself back up and continued forward in my quest toward inner peace and happiness. These experiences with the Angels have changed my life and my way of thinking in a big way. We are spiritual beings that are having a human experience. After being guided by the Angels, I stopped fighting the darkness and realized it’s
about spreading more light.

Some people ask me how the visions to paint comes to me and how it manifested, piece by piece or all at once? Many artists get an idea to paint something they just sit down and begin to paint it. Such as a landscape or a portrait or even an abstract. I used to paint those types of work and they came easy and flowed very fast. Now my work is inspired spiritually by Angels. The art is not created the same way. Pieces or images cannot be thought up and then splattered on the canvas. Visions have to appear. Angelic guidance and divine motivation is required it takes time. Each piece comes as a healing, another window to the Angelic realm. The pieces are fewer but have much more depth for me and more especially to the owners who they are inevitable meant for.

Music to My Ears

Stephanie Kennedy, a little skeptical at first commissioned me to paint for her a Guardian Angel. The first thing I do when I am commissioned to paint some one’s Guardian Angel, is to pray and meditate. Prayers for guidance and direction is absolutely essential in order to paint the Angel that the client is connected to. Next, I focus my attention on my third eye, the space above your eye brows in the middle of your forehead. Then I proceed with several deep breaths, placing all my attention on my third eye, which begins the process of waiting for an image to appear through the meditation. While praying this way about Stephanie’s Angel, a vision immediately began playing like a movie screen inside my head. A beautiful Angel flew toward me, her long blonde hair flowing behind her. In her arms she carried three long stem roses. The roses symbolized Stephanie’s husband and two sons and meant that the Angel would watch over her family. The Angel then told me her name, Purity. I depicted her on the canvas as a young girl to reflect her pure and innocents. When the work was completed I delivered the painting to Stephanie’s home.

One evening, shortly after Stephanie hung the painting in her bedroom, a band of Angels appeared to her while she was reading in bed. Dropping her book she watched in awe as these ethereal Angels of pure white light, hovered around the room. The Angels appeared to deliver her a message. Gently, they moved closer, showing her a musical keyboard, an ear and a calendar of thirty days. Stephanie interpreted this as "music to her ears." Thirty days later she got a call. Her mother was rushed to the hospital in cardiac arrest. Stephanie knew her mother would be okay, because of the Angels previous message. The doctors said it was a miracle that her mother had survived. As a result of her angelic experience Stephanie now relies on her Angels for assistant and support.

You Don’t Have to Die to See Angels
One Man’s Meeting with God’s Messengers

by George W. Hyatt

I have spent the greater portion of my life in broadcasting and the majority of that, in the art of gathering news. I am respected by my peers for my close attention to detail, verification of facts and my ability to dig deeply into a story. As a fifth generation Washingtonian, I am use to misinformation and half-truths that fly about Capital Hill. My first contact with Ms. Terody was through a telephone call explaining that she was form Los Angeles, wanted to produce a children’s show, oh and by the way, she talks to angels. The immediate reaction was "oh yes, I see you talk to angels and you’re from LA, of course you talk to angels, doesn’t everyone." After talking to her on the phone for 30 minute or more I had ruled our my greatest fear, that she was schizophrenic. In fact, I felt Ms. Terody was probably one of the sanest people on the planet.

Over the months of developing the show, Rainbow Angels my relationship with Donna grew closer. The more I got to know Donna, the more I realized, she did indeed talk to angels. This was truly a giant step for me taking into account my heavy new background. In order to bring this project to fruition we needed to put together a strong team. I suggested a list of core people with impressive resumes that would give us the necessary clout to generate interest in the series. Time after time Donna would talk to her angels and within a day or two deliver a highly respected individual, illustrator, animator, graphic artist, writer or producer.

It soon became a running joke, I would give Donna a shopping list for her to pass on to her angels and within a short time the order would be filled. On one occasion I explained to her that we needed a Hollywood Director with real clout. She said "okay, I’ll talk to the angels and see what they can do." The next day she called me and said "I was introduced to a director, and he wanted to write and direct the show." I agreed to travel to Los Angeles and meet with this director. He had impeccable credentials, a senior writer for several popular network series, an impressive list of feature films credits and he directs Touched by an Angel and Promised Land.

From the beginning I had no doubt Donna talked to angels. Being a little jaded from my news background I explained to Donna "sure you get to talk to them but I need some first had knowledge and experience. I need to see for myself." While interviewing the director with my senior producer and manager of our Los Angels office, I was struck with my prior request. This was not the time or place for a revelation of epic proportion but angels have a hard time understanding business and interviewing prospective employees. At least that’s what Donna tells me and I have requested that she speak to them abut it before things get really out of hand.

In the middle of this very important interview my senior producer watched the blood drain out of my face as five angels appeared around the room. I was rendered speechless and reduced to blowing spit bubbles, the classic pose for a television executive. I stammered and stuttered, my senior producer grabbed my arm in fear that I was having a massive heart attack. Barely able to form words, I replied "Oh, I just fine. No need to worry, I just have to take a moment. Please excuse me." I went to another room to regain my composure and explain to my senior producer what I had just experienced.

The angels were the most incredible entity I have ever witnessed in my life. They ranged from 2 feet to 10 feet in height and were of the most intense white light I have ever encountered. It was like looking at a figure through a dense fog with bright light pointed at the subject ,no distinguishable features but definitely human in shape and three dimensional. I felt the most incredible peace, a loud ringing in my ears and a subtle vibration throughout my entire body. They floated around like day old balloons a child had cast away form helium depletion, traveling on the light interior air currents and bobbing with the slightest change of air pressure.

Do I believe in angels, yes. Has this changed my life , without doubt. Are there things in life that we can’t explain away through science, most definitely. We live in an infinite universe and for anyone to believe that we had all the answers, in my book should not be counted as sane. As for the Angels, I have not had any more encounters.

An Angel in my Kitchen ZANN lASCOT "Early this morning, while I was taking my morning supplements, my eyes went out of focus. As I rubbed them, I turned and looked around the room trying to regain my focus, when an Angel appeared in my peripheral vision. I knew that it was an Angel because of a similar incident that had occurred over a year ago. The only way that I can describe this vision, is to say that it was a large amorphous image of light with fuzzy geometric shapes shimmering throughout its aura. It resembled something like what is used on the TV news to blur a personís face for protection. When I got over the shock of its presence, I asked telepathically if it had come to me to announce the importance of Donna's visit. The answer was ëyesí. After a brief rather one sided conversation, I opened my arms and welcomed the Angel closer. Slowly it did get closer until it engulfed me in its beautiful warm radiance. I don't know how long that glow lasted, but I can tell you that I will never forget it!"

Songs of Angels

Richard Smuckler, an astrophysicist, who brought one of Donnaís Angel paintings at a charity benefit, (Angels on the Square, in Pasadena California) had his own Angel encounter. Whenever Donna donates a painting to a charity benefit, she prays that the Angel will go to the one who is in need of it most. For each charity she is directed on which angel painting to donate. Richardís girlfriend convinced him to acquire the angel painting at the auction. Richard was far from a believer in Angels. He didnít even know what meditation was about. One afternoon while he was sitting in his brown recliner looking at the Angel painting hanging above the wall unite in his living room, something amazing happened. Suddenly, a real Angel appeared to him through the painting. The Angel seemed to appear out of the canvas, as a silhouette of golden light. Holding her hands over her heart, her soft wings almost made and out line of a harp. She looked like she was about to sing. Their eyes locked as she looked lovingly at Richard, telling him he would be healed. For the first time in over a year his migraine headache miraculously disappeared. During that previous year he had made over 32 trips to the emergency room for this problem. No matter what the doctors did for him, his headaches wouldnít go away. For one year he did not listen to music, nor could he go out into the sunlight, because the light aggravated his condition. Richard felt that, he had been given back his life. He could now enjoy a beautiful sunny day. He was grateful. He now is a firm believer in the angelic realm.

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