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Heavenís Reign

Heavenís Reign the Angel of Acceptance. The Angel of divine release. When you least expect it, Heavenís Reign will descend upon you, showering you with her love.

My husband and I were in the process of getting legally separated and I was staying in a spare room at the companyís leased home in the Marina. Peter and his associates lived there when they were in town. Opening the door to my room, I remember how it felt cold emotionally, a room void of any furnishings. I put my black nylon suitcase in the closet and set my easel and paints in the corner of the room.

I spent my days painting, rarely leaving my solitaire confinement. My husband two business partners treated me like a stranger and made me feel very uncomfortable. I wanted to move out of their place as soon as possible for it was all very stressful for me. I felt a lot of tension and every day it was the same old verbal abuse day in and day out.

One night I had a confrontation with my husband he yanking the iron off the ironing board, he smashed it against the wall. He then grabbed my arm, yelling, "That's it! You're out of here!"

As I glanced out the window, all I could see was the rain pounding against the glass. I was paralyzed with fear. I didnít have a car or any money either.

"I don't have anywhere else to go, and itís pouring down rain outside."

"I don't care." He said hatefully.

Quickly, I tried to pick up the telephone to call for help, but Peter ripped the phone cord out of the wall,

If you want to make a call, go outside and use a pay phone."

Trying to escape into my room, he jumped in front of me and blocked the doorway

"You're not staying here!"

I pushed past him. "I'll leave in the morning."

I closed the door to the bedroom, I got down on my hands and knees and started to pray. Suddenly, I became inspired. Frantically, I searched for a blank canvas. Looking through all my painted canvases, I was unable to find a blank one so in my desperation to get started, I painted over another painting I had left unfinished.

As soon as the paint began to flow the purity of the angelic realm started to calm my entire being. Moving freely from the brush to the canvas an Angel robed in a long feathered gown began to take shape. This image was more impressionistic than any of my previous pieces. It came to me in single strokes that flowed through my fingertips like a river of emotion. I guess it all made sense because she appeared on the canvas looking up into the heavens through a celestial rain. There was no previous sketching of this Angel it just poured out its life force from the universe before my eyes and hands. This Angel would be known as Heaven's Reign. The rain that showering down on the Angel was significant of all of the earthís problems we face every day just pouring down upon us. This beautiful Angel was just looking up into the heavens through all the chaos soaking up the divine grace and inspiration. I wondered what might be the significance of this piece and as I entertained this thought , "Divine release," came through. It seamed like someone was saying hey, look at the beauty you just created out of this chaos . I was so thankful to God for these Angels who continued to manifest through my artistic gifts. How thankful I felt that I wasnít alone in my suffering. Painting became my sanctuary, a world of peace and tranquillity that I could bring into my life through the canvas and the brush.

As the rain pounded against the glass and rolled down the terrace clearing away all the dirt and debris that had accumulated there, all of a sudden it began to make sense to me, the painting and the rain that night. It reminded me of the Angels message of divine release and acceptance and how the Angelís love washes away all the pain like a soft spring rain. Heavenís Reign reminded me that the light would overtake the darkness.

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