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I was inspired to create a series of ethnic Angels. While working on the Asian Angel, I had difficulty making it to look ethereal. It was a real challenge. Many times I became frustrated and I couldnít even look at the painting for awhile. The process sometimes got the best of me so much so that I would have to take a break for a couple of weeks. During one of these periods, I had a dream about the Angel in my painting. She appeared to me just as I had visually portrayed her, with long black hair that cascaded down her back and framed her pale white skin.

I ëm on a stage looking out at thousands of people in the audience who are all starring at me. My heart is pounding, my palms are sweaty, and I canít utter a single word. From behind the red curtain, I hear the voice of an Angel as it pierces my thoughts.

"Look into the light!" It says.

Then I looked into the bright white spot light and back out into the audience as the Angel repeated,

"Just look into the light and you will have no fear."

Staring into the direction of the light is very intense to me. Looking out into the audience again, I canít see anyoneís face as I feel my heart start to calm back down to a normal rate. The only thing that I can see are silhouettes of glowing white light. Next, I began to speak to the audience. I didnít know where the words were coming from, but I felt that I was being guided by another enlightened force, and when I finished, the Asian Angel led me backstage and out into the street. Outside under the open sky, the cool night air feels refreshing as it brushes across my face. Then, I turn to the Angel. As she reaches out and takes my right hand, she places an antique emerald and ruby ring firmly in my palm. Then, she gently places a long strand of pearls around my neck. During the whole encounter, she never utters a single word to me. I looked into her eyes and told her how beautiful the rings were. They were very different from any ring that I had ever seen before. After that, I ran my fingers over the strand of pearls which hung down to my waist.

Thinking back about my dream, I recalled a book that I had purchased in Sedona, Arizona that was about colors and gemstones and looked up what was said concerning emeralds, rubies and pearls. The book defined the gift of an emerald as one of limitless creativity. It symbolizes growth in new directions, areas that have never been previously explored. The ruby ring is a gift of courage and pearls are for purification.

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