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Reflections an Angel of Strength. A queen among the Angles. Her wingspan is broad enough to lift the heart of all who call upon her.

The painting of Reflections, a six foot tall blue angel, was the beginning of a new awakening for me. A year later, this Angel physically manifested before me in the gentle white snow of Mt. Shasta. The day was somewhat overcast as I was guided to go meditate near the top of the mountain. It pierced the sky covered like a majestic ice palace of pure white delicate snow. A friend and I cautiously made our way up along the winding mountain road to the six thousand foot elevation point and started to look around for a place to pull off. Finally, we came upon an open area and parked the car at a turn off point in the road and got out. There were several ways to proceed up the mountain, but I was drawn to a path that lead directly into the woods. As we hiked down this snow-covered path, after a few steps on the path, we sank knee deep into the snow. My friend who was going to accompany me was driven back to the car by the icy, cold , but something inside kept driving me to go on up ahead toward a small clearing.

Slowly I plowed on, determined to keep moving until my next step became almost impossible as my boots got stuck in the deep snow. Feeling immobilized, I rested and gazed up at the pine trees looming overhead thinking to myself, "Maybe, this wasn't such a good idea."

My desire to meditate over ruled my inner dialogue. Plopping myself down in the snow, it felt serene, as I took in all the space that was around me and I closed my eyes. After a few minutes a light drizzle began to fall as I sat in the deep snow digging in. My pants also were starting to get soaked from sitting in the wet snow. Unable to concentrate, I opened my eyes. The pine trees began to take on a sinister look as I glanced around and noticed it was getting to be dusk. All alone, I started to get concerned of what might be lurking out there among the elements. Quickly pushing my thoughts of fear away, I closed my eyes again and centered myself calling upon the angels to stand guard over me while I meditated. After a few minutes passed, I suddenly felt a warmth against my face penetrate the cool rain drops that touched my skin. An intense heat began to swell up around me, so much so, that I slipped out of my coat. Since I was still meditating, the heat surprised me as I was sitting in four feet of snow with rain coming down on me. How could this be, I thought?

Breaking my deep concentration, I opened my eyes and there before me was a huge Angel towering over me, standing as tall as the majestic pines that encircled me, blending into the back drop of the snow filled trees. She was the exact image of the angel Reflections that I had painted. Mesmerized, I stared at her frozen in the wonder land.

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