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Peace An Angel of Love and Harmony The Angel Peace delivers a valuable lesson about maintaining a balanced state of harmony in our lives through meditation and contemplation.

How she first came to me. I was living in Laguna Beach, when I heard the Angels telling me to paint another black Angel for my up and coming show. At the time, their message didnít make any sense to me. Already I had completed my ethnic series and Harmony was my black piece that would be shown at the exhibition. Besides, with the show date closing in, I didnít need the pressure of trying to finish a new piece. As this thought raced through my mind, again the Angels message rang clear. Paint another ethnic Angel. As I began my usual prayer and meditation in preparation to paint, my hand was gently guided to draw a first outline of a new Angel, a work that began to make itself manifest on my sketch pad.

This new Angel was looking into a reflection of a bird bath with two snow white doves perched on its edge. The Angel was in deep contemplation, just as I was contemplating the Angels request to finish this new piece of work. Working day and night like a woman possessed, I labored to finish the piece. Finally putting the finishing touches down on the eve of the shipment, I just barely made the deadline so we could pack it in with the rest of the pieces that were scheduled to go to Washington for the exhibition. If the weather that day was to be any indication of the spirit of my heart in Washington, then the opening day down pour of rain would serve as an encouragement to test my balance and meditative tranquillity. For to my amazement, the next series of events would not only prove to be faith strengthening but also persevering in the principle of balance as well. Proceeding directly from the airport to the gallery to make sure that the paintings made it together in one piece, I inspected the shipment and scanned the paintings one by one. "Where is Harmony?", I thought. My beautiful black Harmony was missing! My heart raced as I looked around the gallery again just to make sure. Maybe she hadnít been hung yet. Running into the curators office I asked him, "Where is my black Angel?" He rolled his eyes and pointed over to the painting of Peace. In that moment, I was thankful that I had listened to the Angels previous message, to paint another Angel because Harmony was history. It would have been very embarrassing not to have a black Angel represented in my ethic series of work.

Walking over to Peace, I stood starring at her, thinking while my emotions where still running a little wild, about the loss of Harmony. Why did she have to get stolen? I stood there perplexed thinking about it in meditation for a minute when it came to me. The person who took the painting must have really needed that Angel. With this new positive thought fixed in my mind, even the sting of loosing one of my favorite pieces began to dissipate. The centering meditation that I learned from the Angels helped me to rethink the whole event in a more positive light. Normally, I would have been so upset and disturbed for days, even weeks. My Angel paintings are like my children. Normally opening night of my exhibition would have been ruined by the agony of the loss. Looking at the painting, I knew Peace was definitely influencing my emotional state of mind in a positive light.

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