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Faith the Angel of Empowerment. The Angel Faith is here to show you to believe even when all outwardly signs seem like it couldn’t be possible.

That day, the snow flakes gently drifted down from Mt. Shasta as I gazed out the kitchen window of the cabin. There before me was a vision of the Angel "Faith", manifesting itself in my third eye. Quickly, looking around for a pen and paper so as not to lose her impression, I grabbed for the only thing I could find nearby, a tiny scrap of paper sitting by its lonesome on the marble counter top. I quickly drew an outline of her angelic figure on this little scrap before I lost the vision. I had preserved the sketch and neatly tucked it away until now when it was about to come to life through my special gift.

I felt happy while I began to transfer the image onto the canvas. This was a perfect time to paint Faith, for Faith was what was required of me to survive thus far in my life. Painting her now gave the word a new meaning. Taking the canvas outside, I placed it on the easel and then I walked over and picked another yellow rose. Setting the rose down next to my easel, I opened the lids of paints and released the color onto my pallet once again bringing it to life. That morning in the rose garden, my body radiated a special energy as my brush strokes graced the canvas. The aroma of the roses captivated all my senses as I spent the next month bringing my vision of Faith to life. Each day, the magnificence of her image emanated more and more from the canvas. I knew that this painting would be special because it was so powerful and so symbolic.

In the painting, the Angel is holding a rose as a symbol of faith. The flower is representative of faith, and its unique existence is a demonstration of what it is and how we may obtain it. Faith is the perceived reality of things yet not obtained or observed. We can see examples of faith by looking at nature, and observing real specimens of life. Take for example the flower and itís seed, like the rose that Faith holds near her heart. When we see the seed, we immediately believe that a flower will grow from that seed. We visualize it, we see it in our mind. The Angels reiterates the message that with faith, anything is possible and symbolizes it with this delicate rose and the awareness of its lifeís journey. All the while the flower grows, it must push its way towards the light. Faith is believing, expecting, pushing and growing.

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