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The Angel Surrender - Drop the mask and let go of the ego. When we surrender to a higher source for guidance, we will be directed to the right path. "The fragility of life itself helped me to surrender to the guidance from the Angels. Finally I gave in."

I was in my sixth month, when my son Avery began communicating to me. He started bugging me about my art.

"Mommy you should paint."

"Honey, Mommy doesnít have time to paint, Iím to busy."

Avery was determined, taking after me. In meditation, he projected a vision of an Angel to my third eye. She turned her head towards me and was wearing a mask. All of a sudden, the mask flew off. The vision was so animated. When I opened my eyes, I felt inspired to paint again. Immediately, bought a canvas.

Before I paint, I mediate. I light my candle on the altar and place a fresh rose next to my smoky quartz crystal, which came from Russia. Closing my eyes, I take several deep open mouth breaths, breathing deeply in and out. When I begin pulling the Angels energy into my body, my hands and feet begin to tingle. I ask that I be guided spiritually on the painting. The process of creating a painting begins by first sketching a picture of my vision on a piece tracing paper. Then, the sketch is transferred to the canvas, with a thin pencil outline. Prayers insure that the Angels energy will flow through me while I am painting, then after mixing my pallet of paints, the creation begins. Once initiated, I enter an altered state to transfigure with the Angels. Complete focus is required as I remain undisturbed from the outside world at all times while working, keeping my energy pure. I donít answer the telephone nor do I respond to the door or anyone else for that matter while I work because it is important that no one elseís energy interferes with mine while the paint is flowing on the canvas.

My diet is also strict on those days I paint, only consuming vegetarian meals and drinking juice or bottled water. This helps me to keep my vibrational frequency high so that the high frequencies can be transferred onto my canvas.

This session, I was working on the vision of the Angel I had which was flying over the ocean, holding a dove in her hands. The dove appears to be almost in flight as a white mask hovers in the sky. The mask symbolizes, letting go of the ego. The ornate archway which framed the painting suggests looking into another realm, another dimension. As each day passed, the Angel became more realistic. I continued to work on her over the next month.

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