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Monaco Hotel de Paris- Lobby
I watch a little boy run after his electric car. So elegant...this place with it's grand marble stair case, doorman in white gloves, waiters carrying silvertrays an the crystal chandler hangs under a blue stained glass dome. Carved into the marble walls are two mermaids an below a floral center piece six feet tall sits on an antique table. The boy untouched by his surroundings just follows behind his red car on the oriental carpet.
One minute i was watching the boy an the next a vision transported me away. She was breathing under water! Breathing out everything she no longer wants to hold onto. Her long deep blue dress starts freeing itself from her body. An antique key dangles from her right hand an the left clings to the child in her womb. The dress bubbles up like a baloon lifting her to the surface.
Suddenly I was brought back to the reality of the hotel lobby by the crashing of the boys car as it did an unsucessful jump form the marble staircase. The nosie broke the vision. As I thought of the key I felt a realease- I let go.
My studio is in italy inside a small church. The tiny village sits on a mountain above the sea. 1887 is etched on a white marble fountain out front. Above the altar is a painting of the Madonna of the Garden. It is so silent here as churches are except when an acassional scootor goes by on the cobble stone street. The big old wooden doors shut out the world. Just me, the Madonna an the Angels........

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