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Love by Donna Sheratan

Sheratan's work “Juin” dancing angel spreading her light on the mirror of life-inspired by the Cote d'Azur-French Rivera her home now for the past year. Bold color and sweeping brush strokes, abundant antique roses in palettes of pink cover this large canvas.

"The bird cage ...a reminder of the Goya painting Don Manuel I saw so many years ago. With this piece I feel I have come full circle." Sheratan says

In 1887, Stephen Liegeard invented the name Cote D'Azur-words to dream about... they evoke the infinite blue of the sky and the sea... and the Golden bodies lying on the beaches. An area blessed by the gods, kingdom of sun and sea. It has drawn many of the great artists- Chagall, Matisse, Modigilian, Renoir, Picasso- it is said because of "the light". The sun is shinning,,,

Sheratan starts her day early awaken by the ringing bells of Gesu. The baroque church completed in 1650 is one of the oldest style, adorned with one hundred and sixty angels- a representation of abundancy - to show the love of god is everywhere. "I splash some water on my face and go to the sea; I am drawn like a magnet. It is the most precious moments for me." she says The Mediterranean’s azure coast with blue tinted waves where mountains meets sea. "The Bay of Angels" is where she meditates.

One evening in the year 250, at sea near Nice, fisherman saw a boat guided by a dove. Under an immaculate sail a young girl seemed to sleep on a bed of roses and lilies. She was fifteen and died a martyr. When the fisherman brought the saints boat to the beach, two angels accompanied, thus given the celestial name " Bay of Angels." Nice stretches along the Bay of Angels.

A town shaped by centuries of history and cross-roads of cultures. Old Nice wears it colours: from the pale pinks of the sunrise to the deep red of the sunset through all colours of yellow and ochre. The tall houses of the old town and their windows with Venetian shutters are an irresistible reminder of Italy.

After her meditation Sheratan strolls through the old towns narrow cobble back streets, past the baroque churches, typical little bistros to the Provencal market. There the farms sell, lush fruits and vegetables, cheeses and jams." It is a much simpler life in the South of France- like another world." Sheratan says.
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