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Golden reflections on the water

An illusion of time an memories

Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming

Words whisper in the wind

Everything is illusive

The dream is ending.


( 6* 9 feet)

Central Park West, the sun glissened on the lake, as I stood at the shoreline taking in the view of city. Above the emerald trees the buildings pierced the sky of New York. The park was relatively quite this morning and I was enjoying the solitude. In the distance a swan floated on the water and I wondered if they could really fly. Suddenly, her white wings expanded-she took flight as though summoned by my thoughts. Wings moving in the air -swiftly she glided across the lake landing at my feet. Toe to toe I stood in awe of this majestic creature. I was about to touch her, when two yelling children ran by, gracefully she floated away-like a ballerina crossing the stage. Annoyed, I proceeded through the park heading for the church.

I switched on the lights of the chapel - placed a dozen pink roses on the altar and knelt down on the marble steps. In prayer, I thanked Mary for the sanctuary of this church. After a few minutes I experienced a loving – nurturing energy run through my entire body giving me a feeling of deep inner peace. I opened my eyes to look up at the beautiful stone statue of Mary standing before me and in that moment I truly felt blessed.

Inspired to paint, I unrolled the 6-foot x 9-foot canvas of the three Angels hovering over the water. Remembering the vision clearly - the angels impressed upon me the significance of three -three-symbolic for- completeness, expansion, harmony, holiness, inspiration, light and trinity. As I paced back and forth contemplating the work, the beautiful white swan was still vivid in my mind- the way she flew to me and touch me- it was almost unbelievable. As I stared at the water on the canvas it became obvious to me that the swan had to be incorporate into the painting. The swan is a symbol of beauty, eternity, grace, purity, faithfulness and wisdom. In mythology the swan is the vehicle of the soul’s journey to heaven.

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