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Memories the Angel of transformation. Like beautiful butterflies transformed into visions of life, the Angel teaches us to look at our past experiences from a different perspective. "Avery helped me to remember the precious gift of life, and this painting reflects a vision he left behind."

We all have the ability to change our lives and our thinking, for we create our own reality. The choices we make will inevitably have a profound effect on our lives. The painting Memories was created to help visualize the concept of acceptance. We have to move on, forgive ourselves and others, while holding no malice inside of us which will destroy our inner peace. The butterfly signifies an attitude its lighter than air, floating along the winds, delicate and strong enough to withstand the reality of its existence. Think like the butterfly. Light. Remember, when negativity tries to enter your mind, be reminded of this gift of the Angel and the butterfly. Lighten up and laugh about it all!

During the creation of the painting entitled memories, for over a month all I was getting was an Angel lying on a cloud with a baby floating in the sky. Every time I looked at the painting it just didnít seem right. I continued diligently to work on the painting for several more weeks, but still, there was a missing element. Frustrated, I starred out the sliding door of my studio, into the blue green water. It was a clear day, Catalina was visable in the distance. As I looked into the garden, it began to irritated me that the hedges were starting to block my view. Why hadnít the gardener been here during the week? Then a tiny yellow butterfly fluttered around the rose bushes, gently bobbing up and down. I picked up my paintbrush and started painting this little butterfly, incorporating it into the piece.

The next day I was talking to a friend of mine who owns an Angel store on the East Coast and our discussion was centered on Avery, the baby I had lost.

"Donna I feel that Avery will come back again."

Part of me believed that was possible, but I didnít want to get my hopes up about something that may never happen.

"Patty, I don't know about that."

Suddenly, out of nowhere , a tiny yellow butterfly started circling me on the couch.

"Patty you're not going to believe this, but there is a butterfly flying around the couch. Itís the same color as the butterfly in my painting."

"I told you your son is going to come back, she said. It's a sign from him.

" I laughed, knowing Patty was a gifted physic, and secretly I hoped that she was right.

Whenever I thought about Avery, for the next few weeks , butterflies would manifests. I mean lots of them. One day while coming out of the post office I was thinking of him, when butterflies started circling me. I took it as a sign that Avery was still with me. Even though I couldnít hold him I felt he was right next to me. Watching over me, he had become my guardian Angel.

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