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Truth an Angel of Enlightenment. The Angel truth lesson was about finding out who we really are. Looking past the superficial physical reality. Allowing a new beginning, a rebirth.

My prayers seemed to lift me out of the storm. My panic slowly disappeared. The next thing I recalled was that I was anchoring off Peanut Island. It was a miracle. Sea Bird was sound and I had made it through the storm. While I laid down on the couch trying to recuperate. The pounding I received in the storm had taken its toll on my kidneys. It felt like someone was sticking a knife through my back. The pain, it was really overwhelming. I lay there flat on my back as still as possible, practically motionless, staring out into the blank space between the ceiling and the floor. All the while, the boat rocked back and forth relentlessly irritating me, making me feel even worse. Then as if someone stabbed me viciously with a long sharp blade, ramming it into my side and up through my torso, I wrenched and gasped. I didnít have the strength to fight it anymore as I prayed to my God. "Please don't let me suffer."

I felt myself begin to slip away, my spirit being pulled from my body. I couldnít stop it. I was being sucked up like a speck of dust. My spirit was drifting further and beyond as I was directed on and on, traveling far away. I didnít know where I was going or how would get back.

All at once, I saw a brilliant white light and was drawn toward it. As I approached the light, the more vibrant it became. Upon entering the light, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and tranquillity, as if being wrapped in a blanket of pure unconditional love. Then, several Angels emerged from the light. They had no distinct features. They were just silhouettes of glowing white light. Light beams emanated from them in all directions. Gracefully, these ethereal Angels floated toward me, surrounding and filling me with their pure and healing white light. At that moment, I didnít have any recollection of my life on earth. I didnít even know my name or could remember anything at all about myself. All I comprehended was what I was experiencing in the moment.

Then I heard this voice telling me I had to go back and that I still had work to finished. The voice said it would be revealed to me. As I hovered above my physical body I thought I didnít want to go back to all that pain and suffering. At that moment I felt as though someone was pushing my spirit back into my physical body.

At sunrise, I gazed out the window, the ocean was calm and as smooth as glass. Taking my sketch pad off the straw chest I began to draw. I was shocked when a vision of an Angel appeared onto my paper. An Angel with a baby nestled in her arms. Immediately I began to transfer the image onto a small canvas. As I sat before my canvas, my hand felt like it was being gently guided. Slowly the Angel holding a baby emerged. When I looked up from my canvas, the moon's reflection was shimmering on the ocean.

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