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I needed a sponsor and an income that I could count on if I was going to make my perspective home a reality. I desired to have someone work with me who would be there to help support the effort when I didnít make a painting sale. Wondering where I would meet this person, I decided to meditated and pray to attract that one into my reality.

Later in the week, a male Angel appeared. He revealed to me that he was there to help me manifest prosperity and to help support my work. He said he had watched others deceive me. He further disclosed to me that those ones appeared to be helping, but on the other hand, they had hidden agendas and intentions to take advantage of me. Now, he would see that I would not be disillusioned by anyone else again. Iíd be able to see through people and know exactly what their intentions were. The Angel said that he would help me to manifest more fluidly and on a consistent basis. I couldnít believe that I had been limiting myself by only looking to the physical world for my sponsor. Telepathically, I asked him what he would like to be called. He replied.

"I have no actual earthly name, but I would answer to your vibration when you say or think "Raphael".

Immediately, I wanted to capture this Raphael on canvas while the vision of him was still fresh in my mind. Fortunately, I still had one large canvas left. I drew his face and part of his torso in pencil onto the canvas and mixing a pallet of greens and purples, I dipped my brush into the vibrant mixture and began to create a painting. Slowly the colors and my gift brought his sculpted body to life. I was about to put my next brush stroke onto the canvas, when the phone rang. It was Stephanie, an acquaintance of Zannís. She invited me to show my paintings at an afternoon tea at her home.

During the luncheon I spoke about my experiences with the Angels. The afternoon was a complete success as I rung up ten thousand dollars worth of painting sales. Not only was I overjoyed, but I was also relieved. My total income for the past three months had only been around fifteen hundred dollars. Raphael was helping me to manifesting on the physical plane.

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